2.5D ball rolling using stock Episode 2?


I’m not asking this in the question thread because I asked a little vaguely last time and I didn’t get too much of a response, and it’s bit elaborate from what I’m understanding.

What I’m trying to do is make a ball roll left and right using +left and +right. I can do that, it’s not very hard.

The problem lies within getting a point_viewcontrol to not only follow the ball, but follow without spinning out of control with the ball. I want it to stay locked on an axis, so it can only move left and right and up and down, but not forward and back. You know, basically your standard 2D platformer camera in the HL2 environment:

I’ve been trying to accomplish something like this for about a year now, admittedly as a bit of a sideproject every once in a while, and the problem is really only just getting the camera working in the way I want it to.

I would seriously love some help because I have a bigger idea that I’ve always wanted to accomplish with this! If I could get past this roadblock I could get a serious personal project going.

Perhaps a phys_slideconstraint in combination with some other entities?