2 armed civilians taking time to remember...


Story behind it is that 2 civilians are escaping from something with only whatever guns they had with them and the clothes on their back. They come across an old arena which they remember from when they were kids. Although you can’t quite see it, I did facepose them to reflect their sadness.
Did some photoshop editing for shadows + highlights. Original image here.

C&C Appreciated.

Rather too blurry, but the posing looks okay.

Yeah I was having trouble picking out which setting to use, so I just stuck with one.

really good picture man.

looks good

should have focused on the background and the second citizen, and SDoF’d the first one.

I think this looks pretty good. The guy with the pistol has his hand floating, though.

Noted, though I wanted it to look like he had it in his hand while having it laying on the ground. I’ll take a stab at it again (save file ftw)

Also, if the image isnt loading then blame filesmelt’s servers. They’ve been weird as of late.