2 army soldiers walk up stairs and get shot in the process


ask me how the soldier firing is dysfunctional

I like the pose on the dying soldier, looks very realistic, since he is leaning back because of the shoot.
But posing on the shooting soldier looks very funny like if he was a ganstah(Maybe he is)!

I like angle.


Also, soldier shooting a sub-machingun with one hand? what?

Are they being shot at by their own teammate?

2 are counter terrorist, and one is counter terrorist, and i tried to make it look like theyre from different factions, but technically with the model they are

The one shooting looks like he’s trying to stand like a sumo.

its a p90

Still, you cant shoot that with one hand without having to visit the doctor later.

There are videos of people using a p90 in each hand on youtube, someone even fired two SAWs at once.

It looks like the guy firing is like, Cant aim right, Why did i get dual machine guns, But yeah You can fire 2 ump45’s at once it matters if you have a strong arm, Artistic’d but 9/10 on guy with smg’s

Firing to saws looks awesome but the accuracy you get is not.
I saw the video and I must say its possible but it doesnt look right, a trained soldier would NEVER try carrying 2 guns of that kind at the same time, he rather have one gun and have perfect accuracy, but I have started nit picking so I will shut up.

i blame it on me playing a lot of mw2 :slight_smile:

I hate the guy shooting. His pose is just… weird. Blood editing is quite nice though.

Nice blood, horrible posing.

They look like they’re all dancing. :v:

You can one hand p90s

it has no recoil.


you don’t know anything about the context of this picture or guns and are taking your gun knowledge from COD

I actually never played much CoD(only the old ones), and tell me one well trained-soldier that would use 2 guns(In each hand at the same time) instead of one gun in both hands with perfect accuracy?

who says he’s a well trained soldier? they’re tiny guns anyway. he could use them with efficiency, who couldn’t.

tell me one way this picture is realistic. engagements don’t look anything like this.

Thats where the C&C comes in, the OP probably wants his scenes to be realistic, so thats why I say that no soldier would do that, and also I adressed the posing on him.


Ok, we are derailing and spamming the thread, I’m done.

He should turn the other way when getting shot in the left shoulder. “OUCH I GOT HIT IN LEFT SHOULDER BETTER TURN IT TOWARDS ENEMY”