2 bugs, not sure what to do...

BUG 1:
for some reason when i play singleplayer and choose a tool (say rope) i try to click on the map and… it wont let me click on the map, only on props, now i could just delete my addons and start again but i am wondering if there is a alternative and so i can delete whatever the problem is and get on with building stuff and making battles.

BUG 2:
I downloaded a pack which replaces my normal hl2 weapons, they are all very good, but the mp5 has a problem, when i kill someone (npc for example) lots of lua pops up and theres around 100 that justs floods the right side of my screen, it says there is a missing kill image, how can i fix this WITHOUT deleting the addons?

Im hoping someone could help me out soon as it is getting rather annoying

The first one sounds like it might be an admin mod you downloaded though I’m not too certain. If you have any admin mods or prop protection mods try removing them. For the second, I’d need the pack you downloaded, so I can fix the error.

i havent downloaded any admin mods or prop potection mods and i cant find the pack again…

ive found the pack tht i downloaded for the guns, its here