2 Colonists running from a Dongo

Meh, I tried with the muzzle flash lighting but couldn’t get it to work my way
Plus my tracers are shit.
Anyone wanna edit it to make it look better, be my guest


A dongo sounds like a little bird from New Zealand, not THAT

I thought you meant “Dingo” and just typo’d, but I seem to be wrong.

Anyway, on topic;

The picture looks sexy, I like it, good job.

I like the glow on the Akrid.

Weird blur on the dude’s left foot.

I was expecting this sort of Dongo. Disappointing.


Legend of Zelda rocks.

The muzzleflash is way too in focus and too bright, but otherwise not bad at all.

Muzzleflash doesn’t fit. Apply the filter after the muzzleflash for the best effect.


I did I just think the muzzle flash is higher up in the layers

Not a bad try, have a rainbow. :slight_smile:

Also where are people getting all these Lost Planet models from?

If you want someone to re-edit your picture you should post the original picture without the editing.