2 DarkRP related lua problems


I have 2 (possibly) DarkRP problems. 1st is, that I can’t select my Keys using the 1 - 5 buttons, but when I use scrolling, I can get to my keys? Does someone know how to fix this?
And some timer error.

Second problem:
My server is bugging while I’m running DarkRP.
I’ve the newest DarkRP installed (SVN). In addentities.lua, I’ve made 2 lines on the bottom of the file:
[lua]–AddCustomVehicle(“GTA4 LCPD”, “models/sickness/lcpddr.mdl” , 3000, TEAM_POLICE)
AddCustomVehicle(“Corvette C6”, “models/corvette/corvette.mdl” , 3000, {TEAM_CARDEALER}) [/lua]
The cardealer job exists, nothing here is wrong. Except for, when I make these things without the --, so it’s not a comment anymore, my menu of DarkRP will bug up, and everything of the menu, is in the top left of my corner. Everything over the other things. It gives me the lua error:
[@lua\includes\extensions able.lua:103] bad argument #1 to ‘pairs’ (table expected, got number)

I don’t know what this means, and I didn’t edit anything about these files.

The last error is: I keep getting spammed with this error:
Timer Error: [lua\includes\util.lua:176] stack overflow

Anyone ideas what this means?

I would have someone check the job see if it’s 100% correct.

I’m 100% sure it’s correct. I copied a line, syntaxes are right, so…

maybe there is something wrong with the model.

try doing something like team.GetName(copteamnumberhere), I don’t know.