2 Dead Space NecroMorph PlayerModels

Hello i would like to submit a request for necromorph playermodels. I would like to use them in a gamemode i am developing, i AM paying, pay will be based on quality and speed. (As low as 15, as high as 40)

There are two i would like, the first one is “The slasher”

The bones for the hands would be those claw things, yes i know it sounds funny but his attacks would only be melee, thus needing him to utilize those nasty claws of his.

The second one is very similar,

Thank you for reading, please PM me if you do plan on doing this.

First: you would need a lot of custom animations or those would look like deformed…no they would just look absolutely terrible, crumpled looking abominations.

Second, it would be a waste of someones time.

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Wait, you’re paying based on quality and speed?

I doubt someone would be willing to do that at all then, because it would probably take a LONG time to rig them and actually make it not look like a broken twisted monstrosity. And i think thats kind of a low price too, eh, maybe just me.