2 Dinosaurs start fighting cause they want to eat a corpse

Well after my biggest fail (see “Get that guy on the tank”) I decided to try one more time if I am still not that bad.
Tell me if I should stop posing or still go on.
Youre the judge.


Too shiny IMO


Why are their feet off the ground?

Its a bug I think.
Looked good in garrys mod.
Thx for telling me.

That could easily be hidden if you added some grass or something like that.

Yeah as I said looked good in garrys mod.
If you dont mind just look away from it and comment about the editing and other stuff.
Gonna check that more next time.

You should have no-collided the model to the world.

Wow seems like a badass noob.
How to do that?

Ballsocket adv?

Already found it.
Let thread die im gona do another one.