2 epic pictures

Music save souls http://img101.imageshack.us/i/45059902.jpg/

Kyoko don’t die!!! http://img65.imageshack.us/i/gmconstructnight0000.jpg/

comments are welcome…

These aren’t epic. And put image tags on your pictures.

Low res anime models do not look good on low gfx settings. Set your graphics to max of what your gfx card can swallow, and use anti alias.

I did that on my brother’s computer he has wery slow system.

On low end computers, you can make the poses in low quality, but crank up the settings before the screens shoots. Doesn’t need to be fast for stills.


That isn’t epic.


Horrible graphics, bad scene, no fingerposing.

Yep. Those aint epic. Graphics are bad, no editing and posing is bad.

Yeah they really arent epic.
Zerafixy and petfe pretty much explained whats wrong.
But keep going and improve those points.

Far from: epic, good, interesting, quality.

these pics are all odd

Saying these pics are epic in the thread title already made this thread a bit noob-ish.
Posing and graphics are odd, and so is the combination of models.
First picture is a bit odd since I can’t describe what that big yellow blob is.

This is my brother’s first work,he is new in garry’s mod.

Stop making excuses.


If its your brothers first work, then you shouldn’t steal… Go and make your own…

Dont snip your post was lolworthy :smug:

So now your brother has acces to your Facepunch account too?

He is a damn lyer.
Remember me to boycot his pictures if he goes on doing stupid excuses like that.

I’m failing to see the “epic”.