2 Errors with Murder Gamemode

Hi, so due to some problems, my “developer” leaked scripts and when I found out, I had to let him go. So until I get a new one, I will need these errors to be fixed. I kind of… know my way around but not really. I would appreciate it if someone could help me out ^-^

So the first error is this.

And this… also

Again, I am kind of slow, so very complicated and skipped steps would get me extremely confused! Thanks ^-^

This is the function you need: https://github.com/mechanicalmind/murder/blob/master/gamemode/cl_spectate.lua#L35-L51

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Make sure the cl_spectate file is included.

Thank you sooo much! I had a bit of trouble finding the cl_spectate file but again, thanks!! You are a life saver :smile:

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function GM:RenderSpectate()
if self:IsCSpectating() then
drawTextShadow(translate.spectating, “MersRadial”, ScrW() / 2, ScrH() - 100, Color(20,120,255), 1)

	if IsValid(self:GetCSpectatee()) && self:GetCSpectatee():IsPlayer() then
		local h = draw.GetFontHeight("MersRadial")

		if IsValid(LocalPlayer()) && LocalPlayer():IsAdmin() then
			drawTextShadow(self:GetCSpectatee():Nick(), "MersRadialSmall", ScrW() / 2, ScrH() - 100 + h, Color(190, 190, 190), 1)

		if self.DrawGameHUD && GAMEMODE.RoundSettings.ShowSpectateInfo then


using this, how would I make it so all staff can see player steam names when spectating, because now, only admins and higher up can see it.

The very kind Bob Hush helped me fix this :3 thank you <3