2 Gmod Shorts

I know they arent as good as they could be, but that doesnt mean theyre bad either.

Didn’t you already posted the second one here?

…shit. yes, yes I did.

Try to not capture yourself in the picture next time.

Its actually supposed to be like that. theres a hidden gman in both of them

…Hidden, you say?

Well, hidden in the first one at least, i failed in the second

Uhm - No.mpg

It isn’t hidden.

no.mpg was the second one i made so i got em mixed up in my mind

Why did you post it again?

Well I guess for anyone that hasnt seen it on the other tread

So it took you 5 seconds to make this?

more like a minute but yeah.

You gotta spend more time on this sort of stuff if you’re going to post it to Facepunch.

GMAN is top left on first

You sir earn a cookie

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Its not really the kind of video your supposed to spend time on. There are thousands just like it all over

And those types of videos have no place on FP.

Well sorry Im new to facepunch. Ive learned one thing though: Its full of assholes.

Real smooth, dummy!

dummy? thats your best comeback? are you in second grade?