2 GMod SRCDS problems

Hi. I just recently got my garrys mod SRCDS server started up but for some reason every 5 minutes to 2 hours the server crashes with this error message

framefunction.cpp (120) : Assertion Failed: CFrameFunctionMgr: :~CFrameFunctionMgr: non static FrameFunction still registered
threadtools.cpp (2861) : Assertion Failed: Illegal termination of worker thread 'CIPCServer::m_ThreadClient

It happens on every map that I use.


My other problem is that nobody can spawn any other non-hl2 or tf2 related props, even though i have all the content installed.

As for the first problem you should try renaming the garrysmod folder under orangebox to garrysmodold, redownload the files, and start your server up clean. See if the same problem occurs. As for the second, is the content under the orangebox folder?

Clean up your addons.
Try a fresh installation - the problem will probably be gone. After that you will need to remove addon for addon and try if the problem is gone.

Additionally you can send the logfile to garrynewman@gmail.com.
(Don’t expect an answer though)

What gamemode are you running?


Okay so I made a new garrysmod srcds folder, and the problem never happened, then i put in my addons and the problem started up again. So I’m going to just start removing addons one by one.

So I pretty much removed every addon that i had when the problem started, and the problem is still happening.

Put the server on another computer, still happening. Help me garry :c