2 Guys Looking for Group


Me and a friend have realised that playing as 2 is great fun but we found that we have a hard time dominating a server as people start to run in groups of 5+.

So we decided we’d get involved with some other people, preferrably that already has a group that we could join.

I’m 24 with 590 hours played and my friend is 18 with 380 hours played.
We’re mature with a wicked sense of humor and play very actively.

The group we’re looking for should be in the same age/hour-range, 18+ with atleast 250 hours played.

add me on steam and we can talk, Master_Pain_666

We have a group of 3, 25+ and have our own ts3. We play on Aussie servers. Look me up on steam if u play on Aussie servers. X_bravo_X

I’m freelanced, if you’re looking for a server I’ve got a server with gear.

As long as you guys don’t try and screw me over I’ll be nice and everything. Also if you’re organized that’s a REALLY big plus for me as well.

I log alot of time on war servers, so Rust combat is pretty natural for me.

I’m great at medium range combat, I nail headshots quite frequently.

If you give me an MP5 w/ Holosight, Shotgun, P250 (no holo sight), pickaxe, barricades, small medkits, and leather armor then that’s basically as good as it gets unless it’s pretty far combat then an M4 will work.

The VAC ban I have is for using a moderation menu in COD: MW2 multiplayer to give custom gamemodes for people to play. Look it up, they ban for those.

Here’s the account if you’re still interested:

We got a big group of strong fighters, around 9 people 23y old on avg. very much experience with weird sence of humor. We basically have fun and kill and would like to have an edition of +2 adequate members to expand team a little bit. We play on European servers, if you are in a mood of having fun within TS, but being in mature group in the same time + strong group that usually owns every server that we come to - we are perfect for that.

We are looking for new group members if you are interested! nwoclan.org

add me beermoney30
we have a group of 4 we have over 2000 hours combined.
youngest member is 23. we play other games together as well and always looking for new cool people to game with.