2 hunter spawn Icons

I need 2 hunter spawn icons for a machinima I’m making

the first has to use a skin i’ve made,

the second has to use default blue skin

If anybody could sort this for me or point out a solution, it would be great.


Basically, a hexed skin made into a separate NPC.
Does it have any characteristics that need to be different from the default Hunter?
(IE, one friendly, one not?)

not really, I can sort out ai relationship myself… do you want the skin in question?

You need to hex the skin in question before anything is possible, else this is really a models request because the code to get an NPC working with a different skin is unbelievable easy.

well I’ve haven’t the foggiest how to do it and i didn’t quite grasp it by looking at tutorials…


here is the skin, if you could do it, it’d be great, thanks!

Okay, the skin isn’t hexed and i’m not a modeler.
Go to models, and ask them to hex it, THEN come back and ask for this simple script.


there’s the hexed version

thanks in advance

Found it, just updating a few bits and i’ll upload it

hmm… Enough so that it will take a beating maybe 2,000-5,000, might be a bit much, but fuck it…

Default health of a Hunter is 210
I’m sticking it at that for now.
BTW, an Antlion Guard is 500, so 2000 to 5000 is like 4-10 Guards.

Also, it’s got an icon of the Combine Advisor. I can’t change that because VTFedit stopped working.





thanks, is that all it is?? I know that the smg1 does 3 dmg per bullet, but c’mon, who would say that 2,000 hp of hunter wouldn’t be a decent challenge??

and the CA icon is grand, Thanks alot!

oh, and are the hunters manables(the blade thingys) only useable in scripted sequences?? I’ve NEVER seen it use em else where

Blade thingies?
I don’t know if it’s what you mean but the Hunter does rarely jump on people and break their spines if they’re behind them, and the NPC they’re jumping isn’t aware of them. Only works on Medics, Citizens and Rebels as far as I know.

I’m talking about the things it uses to attack alyx at the start of EP2, and i’ve never seen that happening…


Erm… is it working for you?? I just tried it and the spawnicon wasn’t there… any Ideas?

That’s odd. It worked for me.
Also, those things it attacks Alyx with are a scripted sequence, not an attack.

That’s what I thought, and I wouldn’t mind having to spawn it via conosle, what’s the npc name??

I look through the lua and niether npc_hunter or npc_hunter2 spawn the redone,

npc_hunter2 is just the name for the icon. Which may be pink-and-black.
It uses npc_hunter but with a different model, try model manipulator.

I just did, it works, thanks…