2 ideas

I’ve not played this game as of yet all ways late for keys but i watch it on Lirik stream on Twitch. Since i have been watching him play it i have few ideas…

  1. Can you make it so people who OWN the place can put torches on there house so it easy to find when your in the middle of no where in the dark.
  2. Arrows can you add something so its bit easy to arm at things instead of hoping for the best?

Hello Luke. Sorry but is really terrible bring attention to your house with a torch. People in the game actually don’t even lit fire inside of own house, 'cause surely this is an invitation to being raided/grief.

I have my furnace and fire on at any time, just depends on how strong you are in this game.

but do you have it right next to a wall

I dont like the torch idea because what if somebody wants to make your house his base (if you got raided and your bed was destroyed) and he wants torches.

yes? I have a huge metal house, I really don’t care about anyone coming close, except those no clipper but that will be fixed soon.