2 is the sweet spot!

I have been in countless groups and solo’d but i always find that with 2 players you do the best.

fresh server, me and a friend in 1 hour got a full house metal doors, half kev, M4s and attatchments, all because we understood each other and didn’t waste 1 second of time. when we wernt crafting, we were resource hunting or killing zombies, making sure furnace and fires were running 24-7. in pvp over teamspeak with 2 people and M4s with smart tactics, you can take down teams of 5+ easily if you time it right.

solo players suck
groups of 5+ suck

stick to 2 or 3 players!

It really depends on the individual people. Yes 1 person can take out a group of 5 as it happened to us last night when our camp got raided.

sorry your right. i mean 2 skilled people could take down almost anyone.

hehehehehe <3

solo play is a lot harder than it use to be. some perks we use to get as solo players included

-medkit spam + chicken spam = 1 to 100 in 7 seconds
-“grab all” loot button
-no medkit delay
-separate CD’s for different foods
-/unstick to flank and escape after engaging large group

all things that were fixed for obvious reasons. now if you want to fuck a solo player dont engage in a team fight, if your team loses 4v5, then you will lose 5v1. sit back and wait till he decides to loot and he is dead.

i play solo most of the time still, and sometimes in a group of 2

Sorry but I disagree. We have a team of 8 and we faceroll anyone in our valley. If you have unskilled players, numbers means nothing because the other players are just fluff. Get a big group of skilled players and you wont kill them.