2 lua questions about props

im using the gamemode cider On the map evocity,
But well, you got the cave wich is higly abusable…
So how to make props spawn upon restart or normal start?

{"prop_physics","models/props_buildings/building_002a.mdl",Angle(00, 00,-90),Vector
(-6020.0000,14502.7637, 437.4147)},
{"prop_physics","models/props_buildings/building_002a.mdl",Angle(00, 00, 90),Vector
(-6020.0000,11693.2842, 443.3592)},

Then, evocity has alot of non solid props, wich can be deleted with the toolgun.
It would be usefull tho if they are already gone after a restart/start but all the codes i made fail.
so could someone help me with this?

Bump, i really still need help with this :confused:

Add me to steam friends. I’ll help you.


Edit: Waiting for you to add me…

Ok, i added you.

Ok, i got the caveblock working (credits to yahan), but i still need a code to remove all the props.