2 maffia Pics + bonus

“I miss your”

“life is not always fair”

“what a blind idiot”

the second is good idea-wise and the execution is kind of trying to get there, but in the end it doesn’t. the grain destroys the mood, there’s too much empty space up top, and the wound doesn’t look so good. stick with interesting angles like that, though.

The second one is actually pretty damn good.

thanks :slight_smile:

yeah it was empty i know…
but ill try better next time

I like them, you’ve improved greatly my good sir.

thanks mate :slight_smile:


C+ccccccccccccccccc more comments!!!

He only lived 10 years?

you mean she.

no it is 17 years.
it was hes little sister.
Hes family got killed by the mafia family “Columbie”.

The second picture is pretty cool.

thanks chesty.

Your editing’s not very good. Most notable is the gun wound, which looks like it was made in paint.

Other than the bad editing, I like them.

yeah i know… i wanted to test some more effects.
but i have to test again again and again.

thanks anyway :slight_smile:

1 word AWSOME! i love them and where did you get the suite and dress model or is it photoshop?

Bullet hole on the second looks odd.


no its a pack of dressed citizens made by simkas and some guys.
just go and look for it on gmod.org



thanks for C+c anyway :slight_smile:

I like the second one the best.

thank you

These Picture Remind Me the Godfather…and i Like the First…Is Sad And Awesome in the Same time…But You Miss a Particular…A Red Rose on The Tomb
the Rose Must be Light Red It represent The blood the murder take on his family and the Vengeance

haha thanks…

well the rose comes next time then :smiley:
this story will remind of Godfather-