2 Metropolice in a street

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It’s really extraordinary, but my only critique is that the metrocop on the left doesn’t look as agressive as the one on the right, and perhaps you should take the time to 'shop electric discharge onto the tip of the stun baton. But again, it’s very nice.

fantastic picture, stea1th, great stuff.

We need more HL2 themed pictures, nice.

Awesome, but Tropic’s right about editing the stunstick.


Thanks too, I’ll bear that in mind.

Yeah. We do need more HL2 pictures.

all I can say is static glock is static

So I should put motion blur onto it, is that what you mean? If it is, i’ll bear that in mind. Thanks.

You can only do so much with NPCs.

Excuse me, I did not use NPCs. Everything here is 100% posed, thank you.

Yeah and I’m Santa Klaus.

Don’t believe me? Fine. I’ll get a picture up now.
Here you go, Mr. Smartypants

God I fucking hate that muzzle flash…

Nice posing though :v:

Lol retard.

Nice posing, decent editing. Only problem is that there’s no shell coming out of the glock. Also, make the muzzleflash a little transparent next time,otherwise it looks kinda pasted on top of the picture.

Two problems: The stunstick hand, and no shell coming out of glock.

Nice job!!!

What’s the point of the guy having a stunstick if the other guy has a gun?

adding a beating to injury

I guess he wants to go into close combat and get shot and killed by Resistance guys?

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