2 Multiplayer Problems

I Made A LAN Server To Make A Machinima And I Clicked Keep Corpses So It Looks Realistic When NPCS Are Dead. Well I Killed One And It Did Not Ragdoll So I Tried Again And Same Thing Whats Wrong?. Oh And Also There Is No PVP Damage Even Though Its Checked.

…Try unchecking them?

May I please request you don’t capitalise the first letter of each word? It doesn’t make it any easier to read.

Indeed, its rather annoying.

May we ask what NPCs they are? The Vanilla ones or some 3rd party NPCs?

they are just the regular npcs(there i stopped typing like i was)
and yes i did try unchecking them and rechecking them. it does not work.

I had this problem, but only if the server doesn’t have the model of the NPC… Like EP2 NPCs. The Zombine NPC would just stand there stiff in the T-pose, without a headcrab. And die. And stand there. XD