2 New Scopes

Hi, i have a few ideas that i think would be very cool in this great game, Rust!

  1. Thermal Scope | I know its a bit OP but would be very hard to make. Made only for the M4 and Bolt Action Rifle

  2. Sniper Scope | Would be very cool on the bolt action rifle.

Comment and let us all know what you think! And please don’t hate, just say “I don’t like it.” And say why, please. :wink:

Thanks for reading!

Yeah sure, let’s give assholes and trolls even more tools to be assholes! Now from a fucking mile away!
And in the dark, too! Can’t let nighttime travelers get away from me!

Right?! :smiley:

But why? We need more game balance before we can add a scope, and as for a thermal scope, that shouldn’t even be in the game.

Ok, ok… I agree a thermal should NOT be in the game because we don’t want this game to turn into something like arma 3… And as for the sniper scope, i still would very much like this for far accuracy as im going for air drops etc. Hopefully this wouldn’t increase the amount of noob killing from rocks etc.