2 Niko's (Gloves and Russian shirt) and roman player models

Released a while ago but now I decided to make a thread. Basically it was some more practice on making Players, decided on these 3 models. Sigh, late spammers

** Download **

** Images **




** Credits **

Porting the model- S-low

Russian Shirt and glove edits- Dr.Dean/A big ass/ssa gib A etc things involving words like big and ass

Roman- Bloocobalt for making the hacked models. Dr.Dean for re-skinning it to look like Roman

Teaching me how to make players- ShoTGuNGuY49


  • If you get an error saying saying something about Coblot ( Whatever the site host name is) just delete something in the URl along the lines of “Coblatz Codlenn” or some shit like that

  • original Niko made by S-low is made as a player found here- http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=778675

Nice. I needed some new player models.

Great work.

The neck on Roman looks a little screwed.

Face Posable?

I am pretty sure Roman is, Niko is not. He uses a CSS rig

I made a player model/NPC out of that Niko model a few days ago, but it had problems, so its good theres a properly working one.

The Roman model is just a reskinned citizen model, it was already useable as an NPC and (i think) player model, when I tried it (when working on the above for Glenneth here)

Hmm, looking at the picture. It may be a problem with how CSS models are made

Shotgunguy said “If your making a CS:S model into a player, you will want to remove this line”

[lua] $ikchain ikclip ValveBiped.weapon_bone_Clip knee 0.707 -0.707 0.000 [/lua]

I think having that line messes up the positioning of the guns, so I am sure its the same for both players and NPCS

They look awesome, Problem is: When i download it and installed it(In my addons). The playermodels appear in my playermodel list,But when i click on it, Kill myself, I appear as Kleiner instead of Niko Or Roman. What’s wrong with me? And what is pmod? Do u need Pmod for this? Someone got a link to pmod? I don’t know wich to download,but i don’t even know what it is. Lots of playermodels need “Pmod”

Pmod has nothing to do with this, as for the error, I don’t know the issue. Sorry

Cool I’m credited.

Also Bloocobalt’s in there because of the hack he did for me on Roman. It uses a L4D zombie/Male_02 hack he did for me a long time ago, and I reskinned it to Roman.

Ah, so thats what it is :smiley:

Makes sense, will add to the OP

Well, Does anyone know a solution to my problem? I select Niko,respawn, appear as kleiner. It doesn’t say any error at all. How can i fix it? Anybody? This happends to some other playermodels too. I just resinstalled gmod so its clean.

Thats baller!

Nice work

Hmm, seeing in Shotgunguy’s thread, you do have Pmod. Remove it, I had this issue when I first made them.

I’m having problems with these models :frowning:
The model dosent hold the weapons or anything like this :


it holds 'em like this pose: (not the model; just the pose):


but the weapons are still in his hands not his crotch

can someone help me?


do not worry its is sorted what happened is i didnt read the warning so i messed bout and its ok!

Nice job

Thanks but there was no need for a bump. I have another player model thread that is usually on the first page

i installed in addons and i got nothing in there at all

There is no info text file. Take models, lua, materials and place it in your Garrysmod folder. If it says do you want to replace, hit yes all