2 on 2 Pokemon Battle in the Battle Arcade

~~I love the new Pokemon models. Easy to pose, they look fantastic, and Scyther is one of the most badass Pokemon in the world. So, I attempted a Battle Scene(or the idle “WTF are you doing Trainer!?” moments from Pokemon Stadium).

My settings are all on high, AA is at x4, and I have antiscoptic(?)x2(any higher and Gmod freezes for me). Saved it and uploaded it as JPEG. C&C it, I wanna do another one today with the other pokemon, I wanted to do it on this map, but it is very narrow, the bigger Pokemon can’t fit…

ALSO: If you notice in the main picture, Scyther is all jagged looking, but in the cutaway on the right, he is all smooth. WTF?

Nice posing, cute as always. Nice map choice too. But yeah its a little jagged


Damn, that fits the picture perfectly.

Stare at the picture while the music is playing, makes me nostalgia D:

Damn… That treeko is TINY.

That map works way better on tf2, just sentry the disco room and take over the radio.

For an actual critique, this coulda been alot better with a different map, such as an arena.
Found a Colosseum map a while back, I’ll try to find it.

The map was all colorful and stuff and unaffected by my special editing, there is another pokemon map but it is a stadium that is all bleak and grey.

If you guys have map ideas/links, then lay 'em on me

Horrible Map
Horrible Graphic
Horrible Models

Really, I cant find anything I like.
Why dont you just get a better comp and use some normal models?

That was GREAT criticism, thanks, and sure, we Have NORMAL Pokemon models that aren’t cartoony at all, and the fact that I don’t have the pc that would make NASA jealous was also well established.

Go troll moar.

The fuck you smokin’

Angle and map could be better though.

what is this map? look pimp.