~2 PART QUESTION~ >.< For addentites!!! PLEASE HELP!!!

ok so I dont want to be that guy that goes through trial and error of making 500 mistakes and having to do everything over again spending 2 days figuring out one thing. No one does.

My first question is with the code marked:

AddCustomShipment("Mac 10", {
		model = "models/weapons/w_smg_mac10.mdl",
		entity = "weapon_mac102",
		price = 2150,
		amount = 10,
		seperate = false,
		pricesep = nil,
		noship = false,
		allowed = {TEAM_GUN}

(and i know its a noob question but) can I make it both separately and a shipment, will the two show up separate in the buy menu, or do I have to make two different codes with the same weapon type? Also WHY ON EARTH IS THE CODE seperate= spelled wrong

and for my 2nd part

I have the food mod addon which I’m loving because it has sushi, pizza, burgers, etc which is perfect because my server is based on a harbor where ud find all these foods. So 2 things

first is the code for a microwave. What is the default food and is there a way to make it different which brings me to the next part of the question

what is the code I need to make so that I can spawn microwaves with different foods. I dont really care about that as much as the first part but just to see what the code would look like would be cool.

As a bonus question and i dont care for an answer if you dont know but is there a way to make a gun lab that sells other guns besides the p2s or whatever it is and the code to that as well. I’m sure the codes for microwave will look the same for the gun lab but I just want to double check with someone who actually knows what there doing. I looked high and low for good tutorials on how to make the entities but they all give an example but dont really explain whats going on except small notes to the side. Unfortunately yes that would help someone familiar with codes or wasnt know to making garrys mod servers but I’m a noob at this.

Im really sorry to bother you guys for help but as I said theres not really very much help out there unless u go to the far ends of the interenet lol… does the interenet have an end.

P.S. Based on your response Im going to make a youtube video bc the only one they have is a guy with thick accent whispering what to do and yeah that doesnt help worth a damn

oh btw while im asking can you use this format:

AddEntity("Gun lab", {
	ent = "gunlab",
	model = "models/props_c17/TrapPropeller_Engine.mdl",
	price = 500,
	max = 1,
	cmd = "/buygunlab",

With this one

AddEntity("Crossbow/Knife Ammo", "ent_mad_ammo_bolt", "models/Items/CrossbowRounds.mdl", 25, 999999, "/buyboltammo", TEAM_PIRATE)

and lastly can someone tell me how to make one of those code boxes on the forums people use. I feel like an ass just setting up the code in regular text.

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Yep no love in the forums… Is there even a GARRY or has my whole GMOD LIFE BEEN A LIE!!! lol sorry mini panic because this is the hopefully last step to my server being done. the only other thing is I need to learn the code to ulx so my menu is expanded to further use which ill do over time, make an inventory solt system, and lastly place a jail spawn and a government door

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Come on guys I need some love here! please help me out.

I’ll answer the easiest part of this

Use [lua]your code here[/lua] or [code]your code here[/code]

thank you for that. I dont like giving people a hard time.

Firstly, you would get a more suited and quicker response if you went to the DarkRP forums. http://DarkRP.com
Also, check out the wiki as it will help you with the basic setup of your server.

Secondly, we need to know what version of DarkRP you’re running, if your running 2.4.3 I highly suggest upgrading to 2.5 because you haven’t started your server up yet and support for 2.4.3 is declining. You can find more information about this on the DarkRP forum.