2 pics from a first timer

Okay, so neither of these is very original nor impressive, but here they are:

The Stalker (I totally bet you can’t guess what this is based on)


Soviet Advance


There you have it.

not terrible for a first timer, posing is good, you figured out fingerposing

nothing remarkable
but good

Thanks, I rated you a heart :v:

compared to many others, you’re already years ahead the average beginner

Aw shucks, thanks man!

Great work for your first time. Very impressive.

Not bad for a first time, not bad at all. Is that really your native resolution though? :raise:

The first one is pretty good.

Your highlights are all grey in the second picture though.

No, I pretty heavily edited both of these. Believe it or not but the second picture is one of those ridiculous bloom overdose DoD maps.

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Thanks man. Any tips on how I might work to correct that in the future?

My little brother is 14 and does these too, only better. Keep practising.

What the map on the pictures?

My little brother is 15 and posts these too, only better. Keep practicing.

On topic now; very, very solid stuff for your first pose.

The picture is a year old homie.

I really like the first one

You could learn from him a lot.