2 Pictures with a bonus.

Okay the first two fit together, conisder them choices if you want. I’m just gonna say, This is my first attempt at using a muzzle flash so don’t give me too much shit on that.

And this last one I was just inspired. It’s based off of a Scene in Episode 2 of Season 6 of Doctor Who when Rory is shot on the Dam.

C&C please, and remember, first muzzle flash.

your supposed to render super DOF

your muzzleflash is the last thing i complain about here … dude, seriously … work on your posing and please try to zoom the camera more in then out. and what is it with that grain effect?
you’ve got some potential. so please, use it.

Instead of taking a picture of an event, find a focal point and focus on that, your pictures are too broad. Tighten it up.

dem lens flares

whats up with the flying tank(dunno what its called) there on the first pic?

Its on a crane.
As for the Grain-ish effect, idk. I seriously didn’t do that. This was using Super DoF. And as posing goes, the gas mask in the first pic is the only one a really dislike. Focal point wise, the bonus I wanted to include all of the FBI agents. And the first, I don’t know what to focus on. The Second one is focused on male_07