2 Police officers in an empty city.

wtf media tags aren’t working

It’s nice, but seems a bit empty, Editings good though.
Edit- Empty means there’s no garbage or anything to make it look like a city.

The sky looks pretty bad, angle is a bit weird.

Posing seems okay.

i didn’t make the sky,it’s part of the map,so…

So… you Photoshop it out cuz it looks fucking horrible.

Could we see the original? :stuck_out_tongue:

Empty city is empty.

updated OP with the original…

Looks nice, maybe cropping the lower and upper part of the pic and leaving just a widescreen view of the guys and the car.

yeah,guess you’re right,it would make a more cinematic look to it

its an empty city, looks alright

Pretty good.

Take up the empty space with props next time.

Is it me, or does it look like they have just planted some crack on some dead black dude?


All the while, all I can think is “Dayumn, that must be one high-budget police department to be issuing HK Mk23s to its officers.”

“I swear to God I parked the squad car right here!”

“Its over here dipshit”

Quote deserves to be in the OP