2 Poses, I need feed back


What’s with the random pony in the box?

Also up your graphics and don’t use gm_construct unless you’re making a pose that requires it.

For a start these are nice, but work on your posing, take as long as you need to nobody likes stuff that was made in 5 minutes.

Next, Don’t use GM_construct dude, if you do, maybe use it for the darkroom for poses.
use lighting and post processing in your poses if you can.

Try to come up with ideas for poses, like a generic gunpose or something, there are Tons of models and weapons that you can find on GMod.org and here of course.

Um, ya ain’t got no pics in here, bud. Just the letter ‘a’.

Did I miss something?

I see nothing but the first letter in the alphabet. Need feedback on the letter ‘a’ or more information about it? Here ya go bud! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A

Note: Obviously I’m a troll! A good lookin’ one though… :quagmire:

Why snip? Could it be that you don’t want any criticism?

Two mediocre Team Fortress 2 poses on gm_construct.

So, I didn’t really miss anything at all, then.

Good. Like to stay in the loop.