2 Problems, 1 Girl

And no, this is not 2girls1cup. The title is just a pun, but has nothing to do with the 2girls1cup video itself. It’s different!

Poor Sekai. She’ll have to deal with two problems. One is to get away from Niko after witnessing a bank heist in which he chases her, and to get back the cash that Bowser Jr. stole from her. Will she resolve this problem?

Yeah, yeah, call me a weeaboo if you have the urge, but I put up alot of effort into this. It took me days to ponder what the storyline is and put everything together in the video. Also, I noticed that most of the machinimas have a male leading role, so I decided to pick a quirky female protagonist.

But if you’re not into anime, I understand. But please watch the video. I don’t want to annoy, but to entertain you all. So, enjoy the movie!


That was pretty funny. I think the best part was when she gave Niko the sandwich and pills.

First off, I like the way the Alyx like girl is standing in line with her butt out on her tippy toes. I like some of the stop motion work. Great use of anime like stances and looks. I love how she’s outside the house and notices Niko standing there like a creeper. I personally would have liked to see Niko hit her with the baseball bat like the way he hits the hoes in the GTA games. I liked the Sanvich Peelz part, I can always enjoy a good classic Louis Peelz reference. Bowser roar was interesting, liked the way you shook the camera. What’s with the koopa at the end, though? Is he British?

I don’t like anime but that was quite funny.

Pretty well done!

I liked it.

Not bad.

(man machinima has change alot of the past 2 years?)