2 Problems - DarkRP and Physic Interaction

Hello (sorry for my english…)

I bought a dedicate server to gmod. They have orange box, css, dods l4d and l4d2 inside that server. But when server is run it on DarkRP then I can see message on chat “Counter Strike:Source is incorrectly installed! You need it for DarkRP to work”. But I have all css models, weapons on servers and they work…

Second question: I have dedicated server and I cant change Physic Interaction, can someone tell me how change that by console? … (beause now when i throught a granade then he freeze in one position)

Sorry for my english…

Recently srdcs installs things strangely. You need to go into your CSS folder and drag CStrike into your orangebox folder.

Can somone help me with the second question? How can I change the Physic Interaction in Garry’s Mod by console?

ı have his problem but ı put css files on orange box but it si didnt fix it send PM on steam Steam ID:PainKiller[TR]xD