2 questions for the experts

  1. is there a way to take a picture in bmp or png format instead of jpg?
  2. how can i tell if a ragdoll has bodygroup(s) or alternate skin without the tools?

thanks for reading.

1: Probably.
2: Yes, Half-Life mode viewer within the source SDK, or the Q menu will display the same model a few times with differing names like mode.mdl(Skin 2) and such.

how do i make this change?

Type “screenshot” in console. This will save a raw .TGA screenshot in your Garry’s Mod directory. Alternatively you could use a program like FRAPS to record screenshots in a variety of formats.

To get rid of the unregistered version thingy there are two options:

  1. Buy the program
  2. Get into a program and cut that part away.

thanks ill try that.