2 questions. Make 1 entity not collide with bullets and...

I need a way to be able to shoot through 1 certian entity. Just need a setting for that entity like ent:SetCollisionGroup(bullets) or something. and it is a ragdoll if that makes a difference.
edit* Oh and the only thing that the entity has to collide with atleast, is the world.

I also was wondering if its possible to get the position of a certain ragdoll body part such as the vector of the ragdolls head.

well SetNotSolid(true) might work but it just makes the ragdoll fall through the world.
and changing physicsinit() seems to crash

Alright thanks. Now all I need is something for the bullets.

Edit* I guess setting a player as the owner would work ok. Surely theres some better way to get it to work like SetOwner() with out using that function and to work for all players.

Edit2* Ugh with SetOwner() the ragdoll doesn’t move when its shot, but it doesn’t allow the bullet to pass through it :confused: