2 Questions: Over DarkRP Jobs/Classes.

Hi all, first post here.
I’ve searched throughout a large part of the forums here but I haven’t found an answer to my problem yet. So, in hopes ill go ahead and make my post. Hope not to step on any toes if I have posted wrong or have created the wrong type of thread here.

Question 1:
Alright, so I have rented a 50 slot server. I have updated my gamemode to DarkRp. (Yes, I understand that most of you hate this game mode.)
I have edited the shared.lua file to create jobs that use custom player models.
I’m sure I have installed the player models correctly. However,
when I go in-game they come up as errors for myself, and other players.
Would anybody know what the fix would be for this problem?

Question 2:
After I have written a custom class/job. I would like to give that class an “addon” as an Item that the class spawns with. Such as “Fists”. Does anybody know where I could find the nickname or name for the ADDON that I need to type in for the Class to recognize that Item and spawn with it?

  • All I have done with the addon is drop it into my servers /addon directory. Would it be because I havent installed it a different way into my darkrp folder or something like that?

Answer 1, Either, the model isn’t on the server, you haven’t installed the model properly on your client or the class has a typing error in the model path

Answer 2, addons/ADDONNAME/lua/weapons/ find the name of the weapon there.

Thank you very much!
Also, in regards to my first question. Since I have just rented my server, would there be something I have to enable for the server to feed the clients joining downloads to the unique things I have on my server or is it enabled by default that people download the items that they do not have?

You would need to resource the file.



Yeah, I am pretty sure you would you what zzaacckk said.

Awesome, how would I go about resourcing these files? I have read the page and I am unsure as to where or what file to add this code.

Well, I would go in C:/Program files/steam/steamapps/yourusername/garrysmod/Garrysmod/lua/autorun/server/ and create resource.lua
then just copy the
Resource.AddFile( “the direction of the file here” )

I think.

I will test it!

Thank you very much for helping me out here. I’ve been doing trial and error on this damn server for the last couple of days. Very frustrating to set up but very rewarding in the endgame.

No problem bra.