2 questions

1- Is it possible to expand work area in hammer so I have more area to work with in the 2d views? If so, how?
2- Is it possible to expand my 3d cut off distance to a value beond 10000? If so, how?

Thanks in advanced!

No, how can you even manage to use all that space anyway?

And no, and you wont have to either.

Yeah well I’m sorry, but there is no way to build outside the 2D grid, nor is it possible to make it bigger.

As for 3D distance in hammer to show models furthar than 10000 units away, I’m not sure. But if you’re making a flatgrass map you wouldn’t use any models anyway I guess. (Since it’s a build map and it’s flat.)

You can expand the hammer grid by changing:

@mapsize(-16384, 16384)

In base.fgd, but it’s not going to help you because hammer doesn’t render brushes properly outside 16384^3 and you won’t be able to compile the map.

And for the model render distance, you can also change it by modifying hammer_dll.dll with a resource editor, but you’ll have very poor performance with extreme render distances on complex maps.

You can go into the registry editor and change the cut off distance value, I did this for a large cave map I was making and it really makes a difference when you can actually see the whole map rather than having to go by 2D views etc.

I think this might be handy for you yo