2 Questions...

I just bought GMod and HL2 but I have 2 questions…
1.Will HL2 pass as a requirement/s for GMod?
2.What game should I install first? HL2 first so when I install GMod I don’t need to download it or GMod first so I have the game and just needed to install HL2 (Both answers = Yes on Q1)

1.Yes it will but you might see alot of errors
2.I say you should install Hl2 first then Gmod

Well is there any requirement that I should buy that doesn’t cause errors?

You would only see props from different games as errors (HL2 Ep2, CSS, TF2, and so on). To fix that you’d have to buy every game (BTW CSS props are the most used in Gmod).

You need to launch HL2 (or any source game) at least once before Gmod works.

So I had to buy CSS you mean?

Quite oddly, that isn’t the case. You only need to own the game now, rather than have launched it. I noticed when installing GMod on my new laptop. i7 :wink:

Let’s see:
TF2 - bought and installed
GMod - bought but not installed
HL2 - bought but not installed
CSS - haven’t been bought and installed

It’s common sense. You can only see props from games you own (and have installed - and mounted. Mounting menu is inside Gmod). And then there are addons such as PHX which give you more props. As these props are custom made, you will always be able to see all of them.