2 quick DarkRP problems.

Hey, I just got 2 quick problems I need fixed for my DarkRP server.

  1. Everyone can buy pistols. I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE to fix this, but I can’t seem to find a way. rp_ commands don’t seem to work anymore.

  2. How can I disable kill icons? Again, console commands arent working (through rcon).




… if they don’t work, then you installed DarkRP wrong, or didn’t get right version.

I don’t run DarkRP, nor do I condone it, so I can’t really help you much further.

I installed it from the official latest git, and i’ve tried both of those. It just says “Unknown Command”

just go into the config.lua and edit shit in there. It is pretty self explanatory from there.

How I missed that, after hours of searching, I don’t know. Thanks so much.