2 Quick Questions

I have two simple questions regarding my DarkRP server. It currently uses ULX.

  1. Where do I edit the author’s name in the TAB menu?

  2. Where do I edit the number of player slots? (NOTE: It does not change when I edit it in the server.cfg)

  1. You leave it because they deserve the credit for what they did

  2. You change it in the command line. If you have TC Admin, there should be a command line editor. If you are running it yourself then there should be a batch or shell script that you use to start the server – you’ll find the variable in there.

are you running the server off of your own dedi/computer or did you purchase hosting?

Ok, I never like to be the “how come I get in trouble and he doesn’t” guy, but this is a non-descriptive title and pretty much a shit post. You’re asking how you can take credit for something you didn’t make as well, so…

The reason Im looking to change the authors name is for people to immediately recognize who owns the server. I put countless hours of time setting up a server people can play for free… I dont see myself as some scumbag whos taking other peoples credit…

You put countless hours and yet you use the default scoreboard.
Is there any server that it costs to play on?

It shouldn’t take hours to download a gamemode and run it