2 Rather Strange Things I Have Noticed In Garry's Mod

  1. Earlier I was playing Half-Life 2 (not GMOD’s HL2) and I noticed that the combine fall back much more realistic. For example, its like a small explosion goes off infront of them. Like if you shoot them and kill them with any gun, they fall back in the opposite direction you shot them. (Like if you shoot their forehead they fall backwards, even with a pistol, or shoot their back of the head they fall frontwards.) So when I played gmod and spawned a combine and killed it, the enemy just turned into a ragdoll, no force or anything, they just fall straight down. So I got confused and played the half-life 2 campaign in gmod, guess what, the combine had the same death physics as the one in the real game. So I thought “Hey, if I play GMOD in a half-life 2 map, I can have the same epic and realistic death explosion-like force”.
    So I spawned a combine in the same place where the combine died (with the explosion death physics) in gmod’s hl2 , I shot him in the same place with the same weapon (pistol to the head), and guess what? No epic death physics. So I am like WTF, I decompiled the map, opened it with hammer editor, found the properties of the combine, and there is no option for anything like death. So is there a mod for awesome death physics, or does GMOD not support those physics, [gmod doesnt support a lot of cool things such as the portal gun, super gravity gun, etc :frowning: ] So to conclude, I hope someone has an idea of how to change gmod’s combine death physics,

or just an explanation.

  1. This is REALLY short… A bullet of ANY weapon to ANY enemy’s head (excluding some allies such as Mossman or Alyx)
    it kills it instantly (without the cool death physics of course).

Any mod that makes that not happen?

(I would MUCH rather prefer an answer to number 1.)


The #2 is just realistic. Could you still be able to run and shoot if you have 5 bullets in your face?

About #1… I quess its just Half-Life 2 has better Source version than GMod… but that would suck.

Well, in HL2, it took about 5 shots in the head with a pistol to kill an elite, but in GMOD, only 1…

Doesn’t gmod always get the newest version of source(and a lot of bugs because of that)?

I’m guessing it has something to do with simplifying the physics due to garrysmod being multiplayer, but I’m only speculating, I don’t know much about these things.

Impossible, I played the HL2 campaign in GMOD and the NPCs had the epic physics. It must have to do something with the method of spawning npcs.

I might try something like npc_Create npc_combine_S

Garry massively reduced the health of all the combine NPCs because he sucks at aiming or something.
Never fixed it.

I suck at aiming also but I would still enjoy a challenge…

If you wanna get technical, with the amount of force involved, it really wouldn’t have too much of an effect on the direction they fell, but I agree that its better if they do. I play on a server with the superman mod, where you can fly around as a ragdoll when you die, and its funny as hell seeing people flying 30 feet after you kill them.

no, in GMOD, i guess you can kill ANY NPC with human bone (Barney, Mossman,…) with only 1 shot, checked .cfg file yet? (to see the damage modifier properties) and in GMOD, i have the same phys as HL2 (shoot the head --> fall backward, face up the sky, waving arms. Shoot in the back, fall forward, the part which get shot goes faster…) and yes, the force properties DO involve with this (go search for HL2 bullet time .cfg on planethalflife and you’ll understand)

For the physics, it’s called phys_pushscale. By default in Gmod it’s set to 1, meaning that any NPC you kill will literally drop dead. If you were to say set the pushscale to 10, there’s a small push effect sending the ragdoll backwards when you kill them. On a more ridiculous scale like say 10000, expect the ragdoll to fly backwards.

Thanks! So I’ve heard I can edit the .cfg file to change the pushscale and the default npc’s health? Is that true?


I could figure it out if I knew where the cfg is… I checked steamapps/camsterguy/garrysmod/garrysmod/cfg and none of the files have anything about the pushscale or npc’s health.
Anybody know where it is?

Is there a .cfg in the hl file? Cause that is where gmod is getting its main engine code.

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