2 Requests I have......

This may not be a good description for both and please do C&C on these 2 ideas.

**Idea 1:**Left 4 dead Npcs and sweps
I was bored with the regular zombies and the running zombies I found don’t really work.So I was thinking if someone could make a pack of snpc’s of all the zombies from L4D and L4D2 and with the sounds,the animation,sweps and AI(not sure if it is possible) too.it would be cool to also have a spawn point which spawns a lot of the zombies.if it can be done please do what you can do :slight_smile:

Idea 2:
I heard people asking for an in-game hammer editor and that gave me the idea “why not use models on a completely empty map that is huge and only has a skybox and no ground to build the goddamn map in-game and to texture the models with whatever you goddamn feel like and to have buildings and crap so it is easier to make an underground/underwater base in-game and so that the remover tool can’t remove the models only a specially scripted tool can remove it and place and add it and to make it function like a map made in hammer with buttons and that crap lol” would take a while to make all the models and textures to use and the other stuff lol.if it can be done let me know.

I am sorry if this wasn’t that descriptive cause my teacher in drafting is right.don’t explain it in words, explain it in pictures.and sorry if they were bad ideas,just lock the thread if they don’t like it…now I’m off to building a fort in gmod…

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I believe SilverLan is working on that second one.

details? please?

Try playing some multiplayer gamemodes if you don’t like being bored.


I don’t have any. Sorry.

lol k xD


oh well thanks for letting me know that he might be working on idea 2 :slight_smile:


crap man those were some fast replies

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