2 russians left seperated from their squad going to take on a squad w/ tank (scenebuild)


The posing is pretty good, but it could use some lighting effects, et cetera

Okay, these kind of pictures where there’s a couple of guys looking over at some stupidly oblivious enemy force from all of about ten feet away are getting reaaaaaaaally fucking old. It wasn’t that good to begin with even.

I will say though that’s a nice scenebuild and the posing’s all pretty good. That fire looks really bad, though.

Is that grass available publicly? x3

Like the others said, the posing is good. Although the 2nd last guy in line (with the sniper on his back) has strange hands.

in what universe is an unscoped g43 a sniper rifle

jesus christ

It need more editing it’s just way too … green.


And it’s the same repetitive shade of green, too.

This is probably a stupid question, but where did you get those models?

I don’t play DOD, nor am I a gun nut. You cant expect everybody to know shit like that.

In what universe what what? You seem to mess me up here. G43 isn’t just a sniper-rifle.

do you see a scope anywhere on there


aside from which, if you don’t know much about it, then don’t say shit like that to try and seem like you do. ‘second from the right’ would’ve worked just fine.

Well a rifle doesnt NEED a scope to be a sniper rifle. An M24 would still be a sniper rifle if someone took its scope off. Same with SVDs, M107s, etc etc.

the fact it is specifically designed for accuracy at long range is what makes it a sniper rifle. removing the scope removes the ‘accuracy’ and ‘long range’ part in one fell swoop. an m24 without a scope is just a bolt-action rifle (and also useless on a modern battlefield).

at any rate, the g43 was never a purpose-built sniper rifle. it was an infantry rifle that could be equipped with a scope for sniper/marksman work (more often the latter, and yes there is a huge difference). without the scope, there is absolutely nothing that makes it a ‘sniper rifle’.


basically by your logic, every service rifle of the second world war is a sniper rifle because the sniper rifles used back then were just service rifles chosen at the factory for their better-than-average accuracy. you see how this works now? my no.4 mk.1 might be many things, but a sniper rifle isn’t one of them. a no.4 mk.1 with the original scope mounting pads is an ex-sniper. only a no.4 mk.1 (t) with its scope is a sniper rifle.

ok rossmum won, now can we stop fighting over a gun?

i’ll stop correcting people when they stop trying to impress other early-teen mw2 players with their ‘knowledge’, which is in all actuality worse than that of the media (and we know how misinformed they are)

Knowing that much about guns sounds kinda nerdy to me, no offense.

i’d be a pretty fucking worthless infantryman if i didn’t

aside from which, that’s not much at all. my 11-year-old sister knows more about guns than the average fp poster and she’s only really into shooting them, not the technical or historical aspect.

i could pick out any given thing and say the same for any given facepuncher - anime being the prime example.

So, where did you get the models?

That panzer IV look horrible. Look like the End of the gun was squished. Also, where di you get bloocobalt model? I guess it’s him because of the mosin-nagant, PPSH and rusisan.

everything from cod5 looks horrible, doubly so for those of us who actually know our shit

i somewhat agree, i just dont like how the germans looked so i reskinned them and reskined the marines aswell to 29th ID