2 Screenshots I took for a comic (great wallapaper)

So I’m making a comic (Comic Life, because MSPaint can eat a dick) and I took these two screenshots in the process which are used int he comic. I think these two look really great and decided they could be used for wallpaper if you guys are into that. These have not been edited in any way and are in fact copies of the original.

1280 x 720

This is what they are.

Has to be the worst shit i have downloaded.



I dunno I thought they looked good. Meh.

I’m sorry but they are really bad, you need to improve on posing and such if you don’t wish to get flamed in this section.

Go and have a look at other poses and learn from them.

yee, I have seen worse for sure but you need to improve the posing.
The angles, and DONT FOR CHRIST SAKE DONT use simple DoF.

Super DoF looks sexy when used properly.

Am i right?

I know how to pose (eh, easier to say than prove), it’s just that I get lazy if I fumble around with the model (like I did in these) for around 5 minutes. So, I just say “fuck it”, move on, and leave it. Makes me wish there was some sort of in-game model poser (like just using 3DS max) that didn’t require the physgun (not to say that using the physgun isn’t fun), but sometimes it gets way too tedious. Not to mention I just gave up on the Counter-Strike models after finding out they’re as stiff as 2 by 4s. Anyways on hte picture, I found that the metrocop’s arms don’t reach the part that you hold on the M4 (just short of it), and it ended up looking weird. In retrospect I could’ve made the M4 smaller maybe. I understand these aren’t the best (not close), but I don’t think they’re absolutely motherfucking horrible. There are worse.


I’ve yet to mess around with Super DoF for the simple fact that I know nothing about it and that I feel it might be another thing I’ll just have to fumble around with (AGAIN).

I like the realism of the octagonal silencer.

Nothing I can do about that, unfortunately

That’s the Source engine.

No, that is use of shit models.
Use these.

Ok thanks. And you can stop being an asshole now, I get it.

Oh wait I’m on facepunch. Carry on.


Also, try using maps the fit the pose, like a street for this one or something like that.

And seeing as you are talking to me with your OP being complete wank, i don’t like to ‘tone it down’

Don’t make dumb excuses and you won’t get aggressive replies.

I can’t tell if you’re trolling or not, because you can not look at that (If you’re over the age of 12) and say It is worth posting.

You haven’t even rendered your DOF, and that makes me want to cry.

It was…Simple DoF. :’(