2 Servers, One Webserver??

Hello, I’m not sure whether it’s possible, but can you host 2 servers on one webserver (as both folders need to be called garrysmod) As I host one Zombie Survival server and one DarkRP, both of which kinda need it. If it is possible on the web server when copying and pasting the files, I should explain Zombie Survival is using the FastDL, so when copying and pasting the DarkRP files you get the overwrite warning, if I overwrite these files, will it merge or just overwrite, just thought I’d ask before I fuck stuff up, if my theory doesn’t work please explain :L
Thanks in advance

I’m not sure I understand. If you mean FastDL, you don’t need to name the folder garrysmod.

Extending Ninja101’s post, make two directories; one zombie and other dark. Move the Zombie Survival to zombie and the same with DarkRP respectively.

Thanks guys, I’m pretty sure it’s fixed now :L