2 short random gags.

It’s been quite a while when I last played Garrys Mod. I was bored so I decided to make this.
Feel free to comment, and say if I should do any more of this or other kind of movies.

stopped watching at MS sam.

Well I also dont like when people use it. But here it was used for purpose, in honor of original “cool face” video.

Uh hu… I still don’t like it.

The memes were unfunny, some other parts was ok.

I liked it a lot, laughed !

Huh, I liked it. Had some nice editing.

People need to stop trying to be the next DasBoShitt

Because making movies makes you DasBoSchitt.

no, because making movies with no plot line and unfunny jokes makes you try to be DasBoSchitt.

No, because there were movie makers way before DasBoSchitt that did the same thing.

sorry, then DasBoSchitt needs to stop being like Djy1991 with ‘idiots of gmod’… better?

So people are forbiden from making random movies now? Because they will be called DasBoSchitt?

There is nothing wrong with his videos. They are well made and both of those guys have more subscribers then the amount of people who regularly play garrys mod. I have no idea if you are frustrated by his success of what, but people honestly enjoy funny videos more then serious ones.

plus not all of their videos are the random type (which I enjoy)

  • Gmod Arena: Billy Mays VS Vince

  • davidfield
  • Half life: Full Life Consequences

well anyway, PiperBubi, I really enjoyed the video, it was well made and funny

no… no… theres still a audience for these videos, it just that these videos are rather uncreative and unorignal. i belive that most people in facepunch have had enought of them, its a dying trend. let it die.

or maybe its just you who thinks they are dying. Also, I have no idea what the fuck you are talking about when you say “uncreative”. The gmod idiot box is extreamly funny, well thought out and it just turns out that dasboschitt has over 36k subscribers and you have 3, so hes doing something right.

true, however that is one of the VERY few good ones out there. im pointing at the ones that copy, that we see too often being posted here. those are uncreative.

It was cool, however I didn’t like how francis shot a shell out of his gun at the end.

Goddamn you, I was going to remake that comic :frowning:

1:34 was just random and awesome. Good Job

What’s with everyone complaining If you don’t like random videos then… Why did you click on this video?