2 Skyboxes in 1 map?


Im modelling for gmod and i made 2 places with 2 skyboxes.

The main place with info_player_start works with the skybox, but the another place is like fully invisible?

I dont want to put 1 skybox, because you can fly then out of the map as i dont want rooms.

You can only have one working skybox per map.

As for this part, why is that an issue? It’s just how skyboxes work in source, no way around it I’m afraid.

Well, i have spawn, Room (with glass roof), then i have “building zone” that just has short walls without roof, the problem is i can see from the building zone my spawn.

You got any screenshots to show the issue? I’m not sure if I understand what the exact issue is

The orange building, shouldnt be visible, but it should have skybox above, if i fly middle of build zone and that orange building, i can walk there, which is not what i want.

Do you mean two different sections of the map with the sky visible but you don’t want them to be able to be seen? I’ve been wondering this myself, for a cake-layered map. I want to put a different style of map under my main area, but if you look up, you can still see the original area, but I don’t want that. I think someone will understand what I mean, and I’m assuming this is your problem as well.

Yeah, like invisible wall that you cant see through would solve this problem

A wall with the nodraw texture and a well placed visbox should do the trick if im not mistaken.


Couldn’t find a video of someone explaining this but i will give it a try:

You’ll keep the one skybox and make brushes with the nodraw texture that will act as invisible walls containing the player into the playable area, then between the building and the “open space area” you make a brush with the hint texture in the supposed path between the open area and the building area.

The hint brush should not be seen from the open area othewise the building will be rendered.

Maybe this image explains the solution a bit better than my text:


I can however be completely wrong and if anybody wants to correct me feel free to do so.

I dont have path between them, im gonna make teleportator, and i dont understand the hint brush and if i dont have path, do i need it?

You might need to use hint brushes for optimizing but not necessarily. A path between the areas isn’t a requirement, in matter of fact it should be easier by having a teleporter between them.

And if you can only use one skybox I would do this:


As you can see the skybox brushes covers the sight of the other areas.

With this, if I have two separate skyboxes, but the top section is covered by Nodraw, will it affect anything in the lower section? Your map shows two sections side-by-side, what if they were above and below?

By “covered by nodraw” do you mean that the “outer” part of the top section skybox brushes has nodraw textures? If that’s the case then no, the top skybox probably won’t intercept with the bottom skybox.

By the way: Most of what i wrote are pure hypophysis. I haven’t really gotten around and tried these yet.

You should try a func_areaportal closed. Put it above the wall, and make it close the whole room (be sure it enclose the whole area, dont let any leak).

That way, it will display the skybox when you look above the wall, and you wont see the building. And it should work in the other way. From the building you wont see the spawn