2 Skyboxes

So, in my map theirs a MetLife building, and the elevator in the lobby teleports you to the floors in a separate building out side the map, I did this becuase I wanted to have a small skybox around the building with New York skyline on it as looking down you see the parts of my map you don’t want to see (no draw roofs etc) how can I do this?

I have one main skybox with a custom texture, and I want a second one with a different skybox is this possible or is their any way that I can do this? Thanks.

Im pretty sure source can’t do multiple skybox textures

So what can I do to over come this, I mean the building is not done yet :confused:

I would try to do it with a 3D skybox, and design the map so you can only see the new york skyline part of the 3D skybox from the top of the building. Since you’re using a teleporter to reach the top of the building, you could experiment with where you’re placing it relative to the other part of the map.

Instead of a “traditional” elevator that moves up and down, use a teleporter. Player teleports to floor, sees out window and you will have to downscale the buildings below. Since the player will be higher up, you can use some LOD or low quality models to achieve this effect.

I’m using a teleport elevator, I just want it so when the look out the window they see a picture of the New York skyline. But I’ll try that method.

The HL2 mod Dystopia has two skyboxes one for cyberspace and “meatspace” so it must work somehow.

In fact I, yea I’ve seen that how ever it’s a mod, they may of made their own way?

Entirely possible. I was considering maybe the idea of separating that part of the map and making use of SkySpheres similar to the Unreal Engine.

So how does one do it? Thanks.

Just use a large dome model with a sky texture applied to it, and have hammers inputs change the skin of the skybox.

create a model for it, and place it in the 3D skybox so it’s only seen from the top of the building area.
Download the Quake 3 gmod gamemode, it does this for it’s maps.

but what if you have stuff in the skybox like buildings or cliffs or water in the distance. I mean, i think OP wants more in his 2skyboxes than different textures right? If you could have multiple 3d skyboxes you could really create the illusion of huge maps but I always thought you could only use 1 sky camera