2 soldiers and a mech patrolling in the snow

Yeah it’s boring I know…


original: http://filesmelt.com/downloader/cs_siege_20100002.jpg
Please C&C! :smiley:

Snow needs to be more pointy.

Snow looks little too yellowish/brownish.

Once again the snow is depth-less and is not colliding with the objects on screen - also snow is generically white, for reference look at the snow in the original picture maybe?
The man in front is hard to look at, there are isolation errors all around him, you really should sort those out before posting (like in your last image with the horrendously pixelated man). Plus i have to mention his constipated facial expression…

(If you don’t understand what i mean by isolation errors, look at his holster, the top of his head, around the arm wielding the weapon and between his legs at the bottom there. in blurring the background you have failed to ‘clean up’ the remainders of the dude in the fore-ground… Obvious mistakes…)

I also want to mention the blur in the background is over-kill, but that’s not really criticism, just what i prefer in images…

I concur and agree with every Goldenbullet and the others are saying…

Reference image;


Fade it out with distance. even if you cleverly just use the fog post process within GMod.

Yeah, I really messed up on the snow, I’d re-edit it but this picture was just something I made because I needed something to do for 30 minutes.

I don’t quite see what you mean about isolation errors tho.

Those snowflakes could kill a man:) Nick looks like he is having a bad day. What reskin of him is that anyway?

The jagged lines and the white splodges show that when you cut out the person it wasn’t done well

Too blurry.

Good use of Nick.

That’s pretty cool.

Without meaning to be really fussy, that guy looks like he has way too much of a tan. It is snowing ffs.

I like the Nick headhack