2 soldiers pinned by a sniper.


Haha! 2 threads in 5 minutes. Keke.

you’re on a roll!
kewl pictar

That’s awesome

One soldier’s head is sticking out a bit, I’m surprised he hasn’t been picked off.

Too much chromatic aberration. Also the laser isn’t affected by the DoF

Pretty awesome.

Pretty cool looking, although the laser is a little too perfect (you would only see it if there was something in the air for it to reflect off of) If you had put some fog around the picture and made the laser a little more red, rather than white, it would look more realistic (oh, and like Uber said, make it fit the DoF)

Otherwise, nice and awesome. What map is that?

The shadows on the wall behind them is superb.



The guy to the right (not the killed one) looks a bit squashed though, by that I mean that his right arm looks a bit awkward.

very impressive!! what skins are those? they look like the ones from Frontlines

The lighting is nice, but there’s far too much of that RGB 3D thing (chromatic aberration as Uberslug so rightly calls it) and the laser is just too perfect and unrealistic.

The posing on the guy on the right seems a little off too. Overall though, really nice picture.