2 Splinter Cell Themed Pictures

First of all, I apologize, but Sam isnt fingerposable. Now first Ill post edits from my good friends.
Note that I posed all of them, but didnt edit.

ChestyMcGee - Grappling Hook


I.D.O.T.S. - Hostage


Me - Originals


Id like to thank Chesty and Idots again. :love:

The 3rd
He usually holds his pistol to the guys head instead of infront of him(Atleast in mine he does)

But good edits anyway

Also i have a sam fisher picture i made a while ago
You wanna edit it or anything?

When you hold a guy, you can aim while doing it, making you hold the gun towards you and using the guy you are holding as a meatshield.

If you want it edited, you should put it in the Edit My Screenshot thread. :wink:

Sam Fisher’s right arm seems a little off in the first picture, but other than that, it’s pretty good!

I must agree, you cant hold yourself like that, you would snap your shoulder.
But the posing on the second picture is nice, and the editing from both Chesty & IDOTS is nice.
The glowing looks cool.

What a pitty that model isnt finger posable.

Hmm, didnt notice that, thanks for pointing out.
Also, I agree with IDOTS and McGee doing great job.
And yes, I agree with it being a pity that the model isnt fingerposable.

Because of the darkness in the one edited by chesty it looks like he’s doin a disco dance. lol

Now thats some positive thinking :v: