2 Stunsticks

The first form of this stunstick is the Metropolice like one.
Left click hits.
Whenever a player is hit by this stunstick (by another player)
The player’s screen goes white for 2 seconds and the player is also pushed back a little bit.

Second form of this stunstick is a stunstick.
When you hit somebody with left click, it slows them down for about 5 seconds
Right click freezes him for 2 seconds

this is an awsome idea i hope some one can do this and post it on garrysmod.org

Hmm, this is possible. All you would need is to set the player’s speed and make an overlay.

anyone? sorry for the bump

I MIGHT do it. I’m just saying that it’s possible.

Okay. I just want someone to do it lol.

I’ll do the second one tonight if you still want it?

Sure. Thanks lots man.

Well, I stayed out last night so I’ll do it tonight :v:

Oh thanks man. Much appreciated.

Done half of it last night but fell asleep, will continue tonight :v:

Wouldnt you rather use a client side white box drawn from ScrW() and ScrH() so you can fade it out with ease?

Or that.

Anything to get it done lol.