2 Subjects: 1 New favorite Tab 2:Permission to build on your base.

Hey… I’ve got an sugestion for the Dev’s. There should be a tab in the menu for the favorites :stuck_out_tongue: (That’s all LoL)
Almost evry time,People just keep build on your base and blocking it with walls and cieling… its not fair.
Or they just build stairs right to where you sleeping with loot room… It’s damn hard to survive like that…
There should be a system of who can build on your base,Like the door permission.
I mean its not fair when i collected more then 1000 wood and builded AWESOME base then a noob say: oh… Its locked i can’t open it… Well lets build stairs!
they get to the roof,And oh,There’s a door blocking the way… So what they decided to do? BLOCK your ENTRACE! 1 cieling 3 walls and foundation… Please its hard to survive…
Please improve my idea’s! Thank you for reading it.

That would suck a lot to be honest. People should be able to build anywhere they want.

A better solution would be that you are able to destroy any building inside your area/house. This way if someone build a celling on your stairs or a metal door in your base for example, you can destroy.

You right,It would be much better… But they should make if an noob builds on my base i can remove it with 1hit ANY THING Such: Doors cieling stairs foundation and pillars…

Hi Blade,

U can build pilars around your house so they can’t buy a stair case. And if u don’t like that ppl build near you, then go to the hills and watch for a spot where u only can place 8-10 foundation so people can’t place stairs around your house.

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Good idea, But i think when u wan to build a house get first all the stuff so people can’t do this :stuck_out_tongue:

Why not build your base so that people can’t build on it? Pillars placed on every part of a wood foundation will stop people building right outside your door for example.